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Are You Sitting on a Best-Seller?

Why self publish a book? Why ghost write a book? People like you are behind beautifully designed store-quality books with captivating full-color covers. With the assistance of the right self-publishing company, many self-published books and books by ghostwriters become best-sellers. Some have even been adapted for the big screen. Many more books from self publishing companies are picked up by major publishers. In fact, according to The New York Times and Publishers Weekly , a self-published book is the newest and fastest way to pitch your manuscript to agents and publishers. Take advantage of professional self publishing services to create a package with far more impact than a dull, typed manuscript.

What the Experts Are Saying About Self-Publishing Companies

"We're always watching what's going on with self-publishers. We always ask our reps to keep their eyes open."
Random House

"Publishing your own book can yield a tidy profit."
Investors Business Daily

"Every single publisher is on the lookout for self-publishers."
Simon & Schuster

"Now it's very frequent for mainstream houses to go prospecting among the self-published books to make them their own."
The New York Times

"The film rights to self-published books are getting acquired even before the big houses can get them onto bookstore shelves with their own imprints on them."

"Self publishing has become a legitimate method of getting into print as libraries and even bookstore superchains are opening their shelves to the growing number of entrepreneurial writers."


More Reasons To Self Publish a Book

Prestige. Status. Reputation. Once you publish a book, you're considered an expert. There is no better vehicle to show the world your business savvy and to shape opinions. Almost every major business figure has written a book or is in the process of writing one. To be a serious player, there is no alternative. Nothing beats a book for opening up doors, and according to leading executive recruiters, authors command higher salaries and get the best job offers.Make sure that you stake your future on the right self publishing company.

Impact for Business
Books make the perfect premium, incentive or giveaway. They're always memorable and make a great present for client's birthdays, corporate anniversaries, trade shows and holiday gifts.

Money and Fortune
Self-published books have meant lucrative sales for their authors, according to The New York Times. And when publishers have gotten into bidding wars over self-published books, prices have skyrocketed into the millions of dollars. You'll sell your book through stores, book chains, book clubs, libraries, the Internet, and even through newspapers, newsletters, journals and magazines.

Celebrity, Fame and Publicity
Many self-published books become best-sellers, and some are even made into movies. Imagine going on tour, being a guest on radio and TV, or getting interviewed by newspapers and magazines! A book gives you and your company access to the media. Reporters, editors, publishers and radio and TV producers will turn to you when they're in need of a quote for their articles or a guest for their shows. Publicity leads to people buying books, attending your lectures, signing up for your classes, and hiring you as a consultant.

Public Speaking
There is an entire network of associations, professional organizations, trade shows, clubs, civic and religious groups, cruises (travel free as a lecturer!) and seminars that will offer you an opportunity to sell your book. If you're already out on the lecture circuit, a book will double or even triple your speaking fees. Doors swing open in the academic community to published authors. As soon as you begin teaching at one college or university, you'll wind up teaching at others—maybe even land a permanent appointment.

Publishers and Agents Want You

More self-published books than ever are being picked up by mainstream publishers. In fact, self-publishing can launch your writing career. A dull-looking manuscript isn't enough in today's highly competitive market. Instead, you must print several eye-catching books called bound galleys to grab the attention of agents, publishers and reviewers.

Give Out as Gifts; Create a Family Album
Your own self-published book will be more memorable than any other gift given for holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. Nothing beats having a real book to share your memoirs, poems, stories and ideas. And why not follow in the footsteps of kings and queens with your own family heritage book? Reproduce your family photos and mementos and collect them in a beautiful coffee-table book—the perfect keepsake to give to loved ones, friends and neighbors.

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