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ABI Ghostwriting & Self Publishing Services


WARNING: Not All Ghostwriting Firms Are Alike.

Aside from our many popular ghostwriting and book self publishing services, ABI has brought back standards and quality to the ghostwriting industry that have been lacking for years. It's why more people turn to ABI for their book writing needs than to any other company.


The ABI Difference—and Guarantee
ONLY with Arbor Books do you:
• Keep 100% of ALL the profits from your book.
• Keep 100% of ALL the royalties from your book.
• Keep 100% of ALL the rights (including copyright and movie rights) to your book.
• Get everything clearly spelled out in a contract.

What to Watch Out for With Other Companies
So that you can make the most informed decision, ABI has put together the following checklist to consider if you have a book to write and need a ghostwriting service.

1.) Who Owns the Rights: With Arbor Books you retain 100% of the rights to your book: publishing, movies, TV, foreign, all adaptations, etc if we write a biography, novel, or any other type of book for you. Many companies and ghostwriters keep a percentage of the rights to your book—which means you have a partner for LIFE!

2.) Your Protection: In this day and age of plagarism and defamation lawsuits, most companies still have no legal expert or even insurance coverage. That could cost you millions. Arbor Books has made certain to choose the very best law firm and insurance carrier in the world.

3.) Bait and Switch:
Some companies are now using a notorious practice of having a ghost writer with fancy credentials act as the "deal closer." What you actually wind up getting is a third rate hack assigned to you who actually does the ghostwriting .

4.) The Lazy Writer: Some writers are so burdend with other jobs that they actually will have you do the writing and they become nothing more than high-priced editors—which means the book will either not be written at all or else you'll be paying ten times more money than what you contracted for. Why should you pay them to ghost write a book if you do the work yourself ?

5.) Termination Rights:
With ABI, if you should terminate the contract for any reason, you still maintain the rights to your book. With most other companies, once you terminate their agreement, they still own the rights to your book.

6.) Length of the Book:
Make sure you're paying by the word—and NOT by the page! And be sure to have an agreed-to TOTAL word count. There are some companies that charge you by the page and never define just how many words there are on a page. In the end—in either case—you will find yourself shortchanged and paying much more than you should be.

7.) Payment Plan: Make sure that you are paying in installments and NOT paying all the money up front.

8.) Approval Process: Make sure that you are paying for material that you approve. Some companies consider that anything they put down on the page is OK. With ABI, only those words that you approve are considered OK.

9.) Will the Book Sell?: Is there a target audience for your book? Is it commercially viable? It’s not enough to just write the book. It’s important to also have a plan of attack. At Arbor Books marketing is just as important as quality writing.

10.) Is the Price Right?: To create a quality book takes hundreds of hours of time. If the price you are being charged is so low that it seems too good to be true—it probably is.

11.) Longevity: How long has the self-publishing company you've chosen been in existence? Is it established or just a new start-up?

12.) Who’s in Charge?:
When you’re working with a ghostwriter, it is a collaborative effort. But in the end, there should be only one boss—you! Make sure you have final say over content.

13.) Customer Service: A writer is your employee. But some writers think it’s the other way around—that you work for them. You deserve respect and courtesy. What you may get is just the opposite.

14.) Anonymity or Confidentiality: There are those writers whose egos get in the way. They violate the terms of their contracts, they claim credit where none is due them, and worse, they demand that their name appear on the finished manuscript. This is YOUR book.

15.) The ADVANTAGE of One-Stop Shopping: To be with just a ghostwriting firm is the worst thing that can happen to you. Why? Because most writers have no sense of marketing and hooks. Sad to say, but writers are there to write only. Most have no idea what happens after the manuscript is written. That can leave you with a manuscript that is unsaleable and unmarketable.


Our Ghostwriters Are the World’s Best

N.Y. Times best-selling authors (Random House, Warner Books, Pocket Books, Pinnacle/Kensington Books, Tor, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Dutton, G.P. Putnam's Sons, Baen, HarperCollins, Del Rey, Complete Idiot's Guide)
Pulitzer Prize winners (L.A. Times)
Editors at the major publishing houses (including Bantam Books, McGraw-Hill, Dell/Delacorte, Ballantine Books, Time Warner)
Reporters (Washington Post, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily Telegraph, International Herald Tribune, The Independent, Chicago Sun-Times, Charlotte Observer, Newsday, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, El Espectador)
Magazine contributors (Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly, N.Y. Times Sunday Magazine, Travel & Leisure, People Magazine, The American Prospect Magazine, National Enquirer)
Religious magazine contributors (Charisma & Christian Life)
Movie screenwriters (Fox Searchlight, Viacom, New Line Cinema)
TV writers (Star Trek: Voyager, Carnivale, Charmed)
Syndicate contributors (Crown, Ziff Davis Media)
Specialty publications contributors (Backstage, Billboard, Self, Rolling Stone, Spin, Village Voice, VIBE)

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Quality Ghostwriting and Self-Publishing Services

Joel Hochman and Larry Leichman, cofounders of ARBOR BOOKS, are listed in the Literary Market Place. They have taught at Pratt Institute, Hofstra University, St. John’s University, Long Island University, State University of New York, and the City University of New York. They have also appeared on America Online. They have been featured in many publications, including The Robb Report, Worth Magazine and Newsday.

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