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Dr. David Schumacher, Ph.D., author of BUY and HOLD: 7 Steps to a Real Estate Fortune; Revised 2004-2005 Edition
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: Buy & Hold 2004-2005: 7 Steps to a Real Estate Fortune

Mark Sirkin, author of The Secret Life of Corporations: Understanding the True Nature of Business
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: The Secret Life of Corporations: Understanding the True Nature of Business

Naomi Black, author of Two Sides to Every Coin...The Customer Isn't Always Right!
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: Two Sides to Every Coin... The Customer Isn't Always Right!

Cheri Arterburn, author of The Perfect Divorce: A survivor's guide [by someone who's been there]
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: The Perfect Divorce: A Survivor's Guide By Someone Who's Been There

Anthony Friani, author of The Playboy Sheriff
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: The Playboy Sheriff

Stefania Shaffer, author of Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes: Books: Stefania Shaffer

Marianne Grossman, author of In Defense of Dracula: A Novel
(design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: In Defense of Dracula

Monique Houde, author of Blinded By Love
(editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: Blinded By Love—Chris Burkholder, author of Amish Confidential: The Bishop's Son Shatters The Silence (editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Amish Confidential: The Bishop’s Son Shatters the Silence: Books: Chris Burkholder

Captain Edward M. Brittingham (U.S. Navy, Ret.), author of Operation Poppy and Sub Chaser
(ghostwriting, editing, design, printing, marketing)
Click here: Books: Operation Poppy Click here: Books Search Results: sub chaser

Candace Coleman, author of Zubie the Lightning Bug: I Want to Remember Your Thoughts
Click here: Zubie the Lightning Bug: I Want to Remember Your Thoughts: Books: Candace Coleman

Pamela Hebert, author of Elliot Finley's Jus' Plain Ole Daisy
Click here: Books: Elliot Finley's Jus' Plain Ole Daisy

Forest of the Sprites Click here: Books: Forest of the Sprites

Sam's Just Sam Click here: Books: Sam's Just Sam 

Jack's Special Day (The Adventures of Jack the Westie)  Click here: All Products Search Results: Jack's Special Day

Nantucket's Night Magic  Click here: Barnes & - Book Search: Nantucket's Night Magic

Let Freedom Ring  Click here: Books: Let Freedom Ring

Modie and the Power of the Bell Keys Click here: Books: Modie and the Power of the Bell Keys

In addition, our printer produces the entire Harry Potter series as well as the internationally celebrated books of the authors Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers Click here: All Products Search Results: Saxton Freymann   (among many others).

Click here: America the Wonderland: Books: Parminder Singh

Click here: Books: Standing Together: America Strong and Proud After 9.11

Click here: Books: Inside Nsync

Click here: Books: Inside Out : Microsoft--In Our Own Words

Click here: Barnes & - America the Wonderland - Parminder Singh - Hardcover

Scott Lewis (Click here: Books Search Results: R. Scott Lewis)


"My book has been a tremendous success. His Eminence John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York, said the cover design was truly striking and moving...the best!"
The Father Who Didn't Know My Name by Reverend James Sheehan

"Until I found ABI, I was ripped off by literary agents who billed me for reading fees, editors who charged me for rotten work, and designers who cost an arm and a leg. But thanks to ABI, I now have a gorgeous best-selling book, I've been on over 1,000 radio stations, and three publishers including Random House have contacted me about taking on my book. I love these guys!"
Blinded by Love by Monique Houde

"Did I also mention that Time Warner Books called to say that they were interested in sending me a contract for my next book thanks to you?!"
The World At My Feet by Capt. Meryl Getline

"Barnes & Noble keeps reordering my book over and over again and it's all because of the beautiful book you did for me! I keep getting speaking engagement after speaking engagement. I can hardly keep up with them."
Elliot Finley's Jus' Plain Ole Daisy by Pamela Hebert

"You want to know what you guys did for me? I'm now in my fourth printing; the Chicago Tribune raved about my book. You're the best. Thank you so much."
Love and Valor by Charlie Larimer

"Prentice Hall and John Wiley called to tell me that they want my book. Can you believe it? They took one look at the self-published book you designed and edited for me and they both contacted me—I went with Prentice, by the way!"
PC-Based Cell Phone Technology by R. Scott Lewis

"Thanks to your efforts, our book has become a No. 1 best-seller on, we've been named a Top 10 Real Estate Book of the Year by the Los Angeles Times, plus one of the top syndicated columnists in America also named my book to his Top 10 List! What a job of design, editing and promotion you did. You guys are GREAT!"
Buy and Hold by David Schumacher

"You've made me the happiest woman in the world. My book is perfect and the response has been tremendous. I've sold over 500 copies of my book in less than 60 days!"
Nantucket's Night Magic by Betsy Hallett-Holden

"Because of your efforts, I've been in dozens of bookstores and had to reprint four times. How does it feel to be the guys who turn other people's dreams into reality? You're the best!"
Conquer or Die by John Pellicano

"The book is so successful that I've decided to reprint 5,000 copies of a special hardcover edition. You guys are terrific!"
Love and Valor by Charles Larimer

More detailed praise from our customers!

From Ms. Janet Collins:

Thank you and kudos to you!

My book won the Writer's Digest Annual Self-Published Book Award. They said some amazing things about the production of my book. I thought you might be interested. Here is an excerpt (I've included the score sheet):

The art works well here with good use of black and white for a children's and young adult book. The overall look makes this a great gift. For a self-published book, this is an excellent job in the printing and production. It feels like other books out in the market and will be easy to get into bookstores and chains…

What can I say? I was pretty certain that I had the material, but I needed the "packaging." Arbor Books supplied that—along with a lot more. Arbor Books' presentation of the cover is definitely the eye-catcher. People are so impressed that my photograph is on the back (remember I wasn't sure if I should bother?). The book is so professional that people forget it is self-published, or should I say, independently published. When I needed reinforcement, encouragement and advice along the way, you gave me that. Thank you for your patience (you really earned your money on this one). The book looks great! Pass Me a Poem is now in Barnes & Noble, small bookstores and gift stores, and every library seems to be ordering more copies than I ever expected. Newspapers are writing reviews. The book has been transcribed into Braille by the Lighthouse and the Lexington School for the Deaf, and the Jewish Guild for the Blind also has it.

From Sigourney Press, Inc.:

I want to express my sincerest thanks for the great job that you have done with both my books: Love and Valor and Tales of DunlichityThe Stories of Willie MacQueen. The history community, and in particular the Civil War market, has embraced Love and Valor. I will be traveling throughout the country, particularly the South, to promote the book. We have sold out of our first-print run and will need to reorder another 10,000 copies, as well as 5,000 copies of a special edition hardcover version. Thanks again for your professionalism and hard work.

From John M. Pellicano:

What must it feel like to be the guys who make other people's dreams come true? I have to tell you that when I took the book up to Gettysburg, every bookstore and gift shop grabbed copies. One owner bought 20 copies and stuck the book right into the front window. When I asked him if he didn't want to at least know what the book was about, he looked at me and said, "With a cover like this, who cares what the book's about? This book is gonna sell out in a day." Can you believe it? I was at a book fair and three different publishers came over to me to discuss selling my book and having me write my next book for them.

From Wilma Askinas:

Throughout life, the getting from there to here is sometimes slow and complex, but often quite moving. The same can certainly be said of putting together my memoir, A Splice of Life. The book has been written about in Newsday, The Daily News, The New York Post and The New York Times. With your tireless help as book designer and editor, we poured through hundreds of articles, letters, stories and poems, as well as a century's worth of photographs to bring about a wonderful book. Your unflagging enthusiasm and remarkable talents helped sustain me during this arduous (but thoroughly joyful!) process. And over the course of those months we came to know each other very well—in fact, you've come to know my family and friends. You worked very hard to make this book happen for me, to make this dream of mine come true. So I just wanted to say thanks, Arbor Books.

From Hideshi Kuwada (Japan):

You have been so open and honest with me. The book is a delight, and the way that you were able to create the back-cover material and words was very astonishing to me. You did a magnificent job with making my text available to the world.

From Lou LeBlanc:

I know of no particular reference guide for self-publishing companies. Arbor Books is the only company that I have used. I can tell you that I chose them after looking into several other companies. My association with them has been successful. They spent a good deal of time listening to what my goals were and explained my options. I eventually chose to have them review, edit and manufacture my book. Each step was done professionally and patiently. The book is stunning and exceeded all of my expectations. These guys can deliver the goods and more. They also originally agreed to help me market my book to distributors. Fortunately, the 1,000 books that I ordered sold fast through book signings and local private bookstores. After some deliberation, we have decided to switch gears and start marketing my book towards publishers. They did not have to do this. I had signed a contract and they had more than fulfilled their part.

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